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Tegan and Sara, pop duo at the top of the charts and OUT of the closet




UN campaign against homophobia

a paragraph on the importance of disconnecting from your phone

Herein lies another possible pathway to depression. The ability to plan resides in the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the executive branch of the brain. The PFC is a critical part of the self-regulation system, and it’s deeply implicated in depression, a disorder increasingly seen as caused or maintained by unregulated thought patterns—lack of intellectual rigor, if you will. Cognitive therapy owes its very effectiveness to the systematic application of critical thinking to emotional reactions. Further, it’s in the setting of goals and progress in working toward them, however mundane they are, that positive feelings are generated. From such everyday activity, resistance to depression is born.

Ted talk about WHO should be doing the work.



OJO, hemos hecho este ejercicio de gramática con la palabra “l+s desplazad+s” en donde el agente de desplazar a los seres humanos se pierde, y por lo tanto se pierde la posibilidad de resolución.  Son los grupos armados que desplazan a seres humanos, no olviden, cambien su uso de lenguaje.

Chloe en Televisión sueca hablando sobre la belleza en Colombia. Minutos 11-16


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