Apuntes que surgen del curso

Its really as simple as that. The introductory chapter argues that ‘deep’ rather than surface learning is important. The second chapter says that people learn best when they do it for learning’s intrinsic rewards (rather than ‘extrinsic’ rewards, like good grades). Chapter three describes cognitive biases that should be avoided (this is actually a raft of different good habits to learn, not just one). Chapter four focuses on the importance of being able to learn from failure. Chapter five stresses the importance of recognizing that often in life there are no easy answers, while chapter six focuses on self-esteem and ‘self-compassion’ and their role in student success. Chapter seven, one of my least favorites, is on the importance of the ‘liberal arts’. The final chapter differs from the others in providing concrete advice on how to study, write, chose classes, and so forth.




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